Dear Isek

This topic was definitely an interesting piece having an abundance of wisdom, and truth behind it, through the majestic experiences of the author, and their understanding. Although, there is only so much one can understand in their lifetimes to make a sense of it all. We can only make sense if we combine our experiences to push forward towards answering our questions, we can’t use one aspect of a subject to define ourselves.

I would definitely add that most people not necessarily try to question their lives. They choose to remain blind, after going through many of life’s experiences, there are 5 important things i would love to add.

  1. People who choose to remain indulgent in blind belief without immediate question, aren’t wrong to do so. It is definitely a hard journey full of extreme hardships, and also truths that will destroy your peace of mind, and maybe alter your inner self completely. It is a life of distress and gives you an unprecedented amount of anguish and despair one that not many can survive. So i actually acknowledge people who accept their weaknesses but in doing so, they live a lie. Acceptance without true understanding is a blind belief. But most people would definitely do that as they just don’t have the luxury or the freedom of choice to do so, in short they have a mindset problem, that stems for their own teachings and environment since their birth.
  2. There are some truths that you should never poke into, as they are beyond our control and we should never poke our noses into places that invite chaos into our lives because we aren’t ready to handle nor accept such calamities. Knowing our mortality can help us in avoiding these nuisances that foster only disaster, for us.
  3. Self-reflections are necessary if we want to improve ourselves, and our lives because they help us in understanding our choices at a profound level. Most indoctrination these days are based on “need to know” therefore people aren’t aware of what they are doing. They are following a scripted monologue which is without question, accepting everything at whim. Most people don’t even know what are the “Actual” basics of their beliefs because they live in a society that neither allows question nor does it allow discourse on any matter. The actual scenario these days is the reverse of what they actually are, and most people never even realize it. But it doesn’t mean that most people wouldn’t have faith. Faith is a very complicated notion, but True faith comes, from everything and not just blind acceptance of a concept that you have never even in delved in. Thus, Self-reflection after exercising multiple choices is necessary to learn about the things in question.
  4. We live by other people’s examples, rather than our own. We never even try to choose to unf*ck our selves from the script that is most times shoved down our throats, through either our parents, teachers, elders, society, education, & vice-versa. We depend on other people, to guide us, provide us, educate us, support us, and so much more. The list goes on & on & on… & on & on… & on. When would we realize that life is perceived through your own choices, and not the ones that other people make for you? Choosing our destinies, for ourselves. Let’s take science, for example, most people would see someone experimenting with a rock to make it float on water. & they would do the same by picking up a rock from the ground, and just do what the other person did. They will keep on doing the same thing they did, to make it afloat. Yet they will never realize that maybe it’s the methodology that’s wrong. Maybe they would never even question it, either subjectively or objectively… Such a conundrum isn’t it. We all can relate to it when we read things online, 50 ways to make a million dollars(but not one work)… you’ll be excited to try them out, and you would even buy something… but at the end of the day, all that lies is a failure with confusion, and doubt that might be the end of you, no doubt! We never even consult ourselves, to how we do things. We never even talk to ourselves, and never consult with ourselves. We can guide ourselves, we are a vessel that contains something so divine, that one day when you truly realize it you will respect yourself even more as a creation, more than ever. Thus, you will live by your own choices, by your own experiences but it doesn’t mean that you can disregard other people. Everyone has something to offer, and honestly if only people were adamant about choosing to unlock or even shatter their false selves, maybe there is a chance that they might find a form of satisfaction that is self-sustaining.
  5. Lastly, i would like add something i find truly amazing and profound. Definitely something most people should read, about beliefs. True prayer concerns no form of greed, what so ever. It is done out of gratefulness and love for all things. Most people do prayers out of greed, for reward whether it be rewards in the afterlife, or rewards in this world for their efforts. I’m sure credit should be given, where it’s due. Although, i’m not talking about credit here. I would like to add something what Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S) said,
    A group of people worshipped Allah out of desire for reward; surely, this is the worship of traders. Another group worshipped Allah out of fear; this is the worship of slaves. Still there was another group that worshipped Allah out of gratefulness (Love); this is the worship of free men.
    That is, there is a group of people who worship God out of desire for paradise. This worship is a kind of trade. It is transactional and business oriented in nature. One works here in order to gain profit there.
    There is another group of people who worship God out of fear of hell. Their attitude is similar to that of slaves who work out of fear of the whip of their masters.
    A third group of people worship God for the sake of neither paradise or hell; it is out of gratitude.
    It means that they know their Lord. Since they know their Lord, they always bear in mind that whatever they have belongs to God, this feeling of gratitude prompts them to worship God.
    In other words, if there was no paradise or hell, their cognition of God and sense of gratitude would persuade them to worship their Lord.
    This is the worship of the free”.
    In short, the first group are slaves of their own covetousness.
    The second group, are slaves of their own fear. It is the third group that is free from the bondage of covetousness and fear. They are the people of God Alone and are considered truly free!

What we can take from this is that those who do it out of love, are the ones who believe. & belief isn’t just believing in one god, or many gods belief is something more profound that can be instilled from a multitude of acts. I study religions comparatively, but this one notion that shows that you’re free when you do it out of love and gratefulness is what transpires to what free will actually dictates. We all worship, we all believe, and we are all free but at what cost do we have to pay to become truly free, that is the question we all need to ask ourselves. Because our perception at times can be literally one sided, although we are multidimensional beings. & Hopefully, one day we all can realize there is so much, we do not know.

If i had to summarize everything, that i have either experienced or learned when it comes to life, is that

I do not know, but i can choose a better path by taking the hard journey as it will bless me with the small amounts of joy that will neither wither, nor die. I know some aspects of what lies ahead, but honestly, i would rather focus on what’s in front of me and do my best and keep on improving that until i’m able to give something back to the few people, who acknowledged me as a human being.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.