Dear Isek,

I hope you’re well, i definitely enjoyed all puns! XD they were truly comedic… but i believe anyone can actually fast, and the latter that comes with fasting, its actually really simple once, you get the gist of it all. It also helps you with adopting a lifestyle that is truly peaceful… and fun without worries what so ever! I looked, around the topics you have posted, they are pretty awesome when it comes to enlightenment and optimism. I definitely liked your perspective on the stanza of “Fluidity”, although in my perspective, i have crossed the same river many times, but on different occasions in life…

“but i always knock on the bridge before crossing over”

I learned that in life, you have to cautious and careful, but i had faith i would survive and so i did. But it was indeed after a few experiences, that i understood that taking that same path was never the solution, so i always took the long journey, filled with hardships… because i was more accustomed to it! I had the resolve, to see it through or maybe i felt that my ADD will be a major power boost in helping me avoiding such fates! In some ways, it definitely did, although i don’t actually believe what i have is ADD, but somewhere along the lines i was diagnosed with it, as the symptoms were similar… I kinda relate to “The Man who was a hospital” by Jerome k. Jerome!

But in my scenario, i was actually never diagnosed (ha ha), thus i believe i have always dealt it my way, and helped myself first… Thus giving me the definite failures, and accomplishments that i can use to help others as well… A life of hardship is inevitable for those who actually struggle to strive for it!

There is a definite meaning, and purpose in life, and thus i plan to take that path… although i do hope, i get better chances! but i believe i’d make my own, and persevere through everything i face rather than taking shortcuts every time… those short cuts might be helpful, but it dilutes our resolve in life! and makes the journey much harder than it would be… but sometimes we have to take a leap of faith first, and anticipating the results come afterward.

I was honored that you thought of me, as similar to the likes of Rumi! But i’m just a common man, a nobody that lives to experience life’s intricacies… I can say i have been blessed with many fortunate and unfortunate experiences but all of them, made me become the person i am today! Therefore, i focus on fulfilling my vessel with experiences that will keep me company until the next life! I have had people honor me in the same manner, as you did before. I honestly blush at compliments, as they are very scarce, in my life! Honest ones, no doubt! I would definitely read, all the topics that you’ve listed, in time and give my absolute feedback! At the moment, i’m writing on bullying, a subject that i believe during this lock down, we need to think about as it does make an impact on people’s lives. I have had the opportunity to experience bullying on a subliminal level, so i have overcome such circumstances, very efficiently in life. I hope you take the time, reading the extensive intricacies of my life’s experiences through my writing. My main goal is to give people an understanding of how they could definitely remodel their life, through their choices and free will. Alas, it all depends on the choices, we make one day at a time. & the perseverance we need to see them flourish. Stay blessed! ❤️

Kind regards, with hugs

Riku Arikiri

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.