Dear Isek

I hope you’re well… I took the time to read the absolutely insightful response you wrote earlier. I actually learned so many things. Thank you for bestowing me with such knowledge. Indeed, there are many such places like the ones mentioned “Highway of tears” & there are much more saddening places that are nowhere to be found, as they are hidden from the common eye. I haven’t been able to write much these days, as my depression came back, so I decided on writing something different for a change. Although, it is a mix of emotions, alas I wish I could cry so I could relieve myself of these worries… but sadly, I have got a strong heart, and inability to cry… which kinda makes me wonder whether I’m emotionally intelligent at handling my emotions effectively, or am I just empty within. It’s such a predicament, but hopefully, it will pass. The lockdown, during this pandemic, seems like an opportunity for me to learn, but sometimes old traumas have a way of reappearing and making myself lose somewhat a grip on myself… but I believe to confine myself in the depression to find a sense of the meaning of it all. Hope will soon arrive, as it always has. Thus, I’m never much worried. We as humans are multidimensional beings and so am i. At one moment, I can handle a complex set of emotions, and therefore I’m taking them one at a time for now.

Stay blessed, & Stay Safe.🙏

Thank you for being you!

Kind regards with warm hugs💓


I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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