Dear Isek,

I tried my level best, to put it into words, that might resonate with the reader… but I left many things out because the actual thing was far worse than what I wrote… although my dear friend survived such a monstrous ordeal, he became something different altogether… he was a broken shell though he tried to put up a facade, but it didn’t matter, because he knew that there was nothing wrong with what happened to him & nobody would help or believe him even if he did. The world is pretty twisted in that regard, and I have seen the worst aspect of society in general… that no one ever speaks of! I wanted to write about Haz because he, is one of the hundreds of people if not thousands who have shared similar fates… law and order are blind, in most cases where I’m from these issues are never highlighted as the justice system is flawed, I would write something about it, but people usually dismiss realistic scenarios as being grim, and it’s perfectly okay to talk about them. I wrote it as much, as realistic as the average reader on medium can fathom… but the actual event is far more twisted than most people would dare to read, let alone watch.

I always try to talk and write about realistic issues, of how they are… but my main motive is to let people know, and maybe open their eyes to the truth, even though in my experience the truth doesn’t necessarily set you free, it fosters more hardships that are hard to swallow and even much harder to persevere through. They are agonizing and painful, they test your mettle and your faith in yourself… and everything that surrounds you.

Maybe it’s so normalized here, that people have even stopped noticing, or maybe they are just unaware of the truth because their senses have gone so numb. I believe people who survived such ordeals, and became free of such scenarios live with something, that truly changes them forever… when all is said and done, most people who suffer such fates, usually keep on living their lives, with these happenings as secrets, and traumas that bind them to a life of suffering… that truly silences them from the inside slowly, even if they put up a facade, on the front they are doing great!

I would say this that when we don’t write and talk about ourselves freely, people would never know that maybe the experiences they are going through, and the circumstances they have endured; are not alone.

For me talking about these issues, would hopefully lighten their hearts as i have always done, through my choices. Sometimes, it is better to express wholeheartedly, of what life is through acceptance. It takes a sheer amount of willpower and sometimes courage to accept life head on when facing an insurmountable amount of hardship… but that’s life for some, life can be a mix of everything, and one event can change someone’s life… i haven’t met haz for a while, but he’s doing definitely well… looking at him now, you would never know what he went through, is how he used deception to completely hide his past, and his pain…

I hope my words, didn’t scare anyone… although they are true… sometimes in life we have to look forward, its hard and we might not even make it. But still its good to fall a few times, we learn this, early on life… because we can stand back up again. and that is the “will” we need to carry with us, that if we can use our will to pick ourselves up, we will be able to pick others up as well!

Kind regards, Peace, Love, & Happiness to you, your family, and everyone around us!

Riku Arikiri

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.