Dear Isak, Thank you for the kind remarks! i’m honored by your honesty and witty attitude!

Being a celibate, for a decade… & i’ve become normalized to the attributes of society… it has changed a lot many things in my life. Through pursuing platonic friendships, i have learned a lot in life. I believe i killed my temptation… towards relationships. It might seem unhealthy, but my life experiences have given me forms of contentment that are self sustaining… Although i can relate to everything you just said, all too clearly i might add. But relationships are fragile… and don’t really live long unless they have the necessary elements, such as intimacy, honesty, good nature, & vice-versa.

Intimacy, is necessary in any relationship we form, it is an innate sense of connection that drives from understanding and acceptance. We mostly substitute intimacy towards having a sexual nature, but intimacy is essential in any relationship. When you’re clear with your intentions, it is easier to give and gain someone’s trust. Thus, bringing clarity among a relation.

We need to balance our wants, and desires effectively. There are some, that you can most definitely get, but there are those who don’t necessarily understand what such a relationship can give them.

Nurturing is also one aspect that can be derived from intimacy. People can eventually realize that they too have a purpose in life. It is never too late, to self reflect on the choices we have made, because we’re here because of them; realization.

Talking about porn addictions, is definitely another issue that most men and women face… but abstinence in that regards too improves your life. I have been abstinent for even months on end, it definitely removes vile temptations and thoughts that eventually give you a form of self control, that you can exercise through watching these forms of self pleasure. Although, in my scenario… i get tired of these things… they lose value pretty quickly… it is probably more of an amusement, than a measure for self pleasure… because pornography doesn’t give you anything in general. You can get rid of it, just like any other addiction, once you have established control or you’re depressed. As i have seen depression does kill, temptations and everything else too apparently.

Realistically, speaking celibacy and abstinence is not for everyone. We are social beings and we yearn physical intimacy… our bodies run very differently than our minds, & our souls. Our body is the manifestation of our unconscious self, and therefore it demands a sexual connection to supplement its needs for pleasure. Therefore, most people attune themselves towards having a physical connection, aspiring that it might give them a spiritual satisfaction but that is very rare and sometimes even arcane in nature.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.