Coding Translators are not new to programmers and are widely considered a Make it or Break it option.

AI today doesn’t even have an intelligence equivalent of an ant — Steve Wozniak

Most programmers who readily use converters from Tangible Software Solutions can tell you that the code can only be understood by a few experienced programmers, experts in their fields and even then at times, some connectors don’t make sense as the machine uses a different logical approach that just messes everything up.

I would need to research more, whether the AI-Transcoder has higher accuracy, of conversion than the commercial converters readily available by different companies already manufacturing software programs that do the job effectively.

The Output Code will become unreadable

I still have doubts about this update from Facebook, only time will tell. Will the tech community use the service towards their projects to save resources or is it just another lucrative service that does X in Y minutes and outputs Z that nobody can actually use.

Indeed technology does rapidly update every day, some solutions might become permanent, but most won’t be really applied in the foreseeable future.

But definitely a good article indeed, nothing really new though. There are countless research publications working on the problems of converting codebase such as,


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