Climbing Your Fears in 11 Easy Steps

How I learned to climb my fears, by conquering something that caused it one obstacle at a time.

Riku Arikiri


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

In the old days, I was a fanatic of sports. I’d run and play with my friends — activities of all kinds, that transitioned from one season to another. Initially, I had a fear of climbing walls. What if I fell down or grazed my knee or elbows for that matter, which in those days was a lot.

It would hurt, but I’d brush it off and keep trying. There was something that motivated me, during those trying times when I had to get the ball from the neighbor’s roof as my friends had sent me to fetch it by climbing on the roof.

From a small age, I had the tenacity to overcome any obstacle that came my way. It was filled with a certain rush, a thrill that I sought to replenish by facing my fears. One day, I had seen my friends jumping and parkouring up the walls of our suburbian residence.

Boy, were they awesome. I used to see them jumping, and doing parkour here and there. In that instant, I had an epiphany — perhaps I can remove my fear of heights by learning to parkour just as they would.

A week afterward, I was ready to wear my sports shorts. I chose to do what they did. I checked my pace, started running towards the wall, and jumped. I reached the top by grabbing the silts with my hands but accidentally my tummy had hit the wall, and it hurt — a lot. I let go soon afterward, as I was experiencing a severe tummy ache.

I had miscalculated my chances of reaching the top. Thus, I started to create an essential step by step approach towards learning to jump and henceforth climb the wall.

Step 1: Wear something durable.

When you’re learning to jump, or moreover climb — you need to be able to move freely. Your body needs space to move around and thus you will find it easier to push yourself further.

Plus a good set of clothing also increases your mindset and mood. Imagine running in baggy jeans and then making the leap — I tried it, isn’t fun.

Before you make your mindset to jump, or face your fears — you have to first wear something nice, and comfy to help you get in the…



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