Our Fathers aren’t perfect, but still, we can only love them, as we came from them. There is a balance in life that most of them need to strive for. But sadly, they only can do so much. There is some nurturing on our part too, for our parents. Like we have to parent them as well, I believe.

But yeah all our dads have good and bad, their behavior sometimes can be justified and other times it is just not acceptable. But seeing it that way makes things a bit complex to be accepted. The best thing we can do is forgiving and accept what we have, because the grief and regret you get from never being able to say the right thing in front of your parents do get the best of you when you leave this life.

I know what you feel, there is love and anger perhaps a mix of emotions, not all times would you be angry but sometimes you might be sad, it’s perfectly alright to feel for your dad. Thankfully, there are people in this world that will relate to what you feel and they will always usher a sense of relief for your worries and your dreams. Love for your parents is normal even if they are abusive at times because your heart beats for the love they instilled in you. There are times you will be angry but I believe we need to emphasize the idea of learning from our parents to becoming a better person from their example.

Every person usually does what they can, they can do better and their best. But at times they are just raised that way and are blinded by their nature. We’re all searching for the purpose in life. We all share what we learned as a child. Sometimes, the society we live in makes us a prisoner of its norms that we forget our true selves and thus we cause havoc in the hearts of the people we love.

Happy Birthday to your beloved Dad, He is blessed with a loving caring daughter, who cherishes and loves him. Who values every part that her father has in fine writing and ample detail.
It shows the amount of care, in a person’s heart when they can write the truth about the people they love without breaking a sweat! ❤

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe! ❤ Gurpreet
With Love and Hugs, and best wishes to you and your Dad
Riku 😄

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.