Big Bubba, Lil Bubba

A Poem dedicated to my little sister.

tender she was, a little ball of fur
like a snowflake, icy cold her texture
a cute little bubba, on my doorstep
as I rush towards, my mother’s lap
there she was, I was awestruck
a cutie pie sleeping, while my mother tucked her up

I asked whether I could hold her too,
my mother told me not yet, let her rest a bit boo
I went to my room and grabbed my favorite pillow
told my mum, to put her on the silky softness
as I lay guard watching, growing more impressed
I was a big brother now, as I lay beside my sister’s bed

Not closing my eyes, once I stood near her aide
always checking her pulse, and monitoring her vein
she opened her eyes once, and I hid behind
this cute little bubba smiled, at me right
it was a great sight, though that I may concur
my dear little sister, who showed me such wonder

I took myself off to another bed so that my sister would have
all the warmth she needed, never did I fret when she took it all away
though sleeping I’d never detest, away from my mother’s side
I had to grow up, you see to give my sister space
the love and warmth that was once mine, now she needed it best
thus, I did what had to be done never looking back

for I had a little sister, that I want to love and protect
I rest, my arms away from mum knowing she would one day feel the same zest

Thank you so much for reading.

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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