Despair, & Anguish; Revisit Part III

We sometimes, need to understand that all of us are struggling in this life while some struggles might seem ordinary to the common eye… and some might even seem like an excuse but a struggle is a struggle no less. Some of us are very great at hiding away our struggles from the common eye, in a society where we are taught that strength comes from hiding away your problems and not facing it; the actual truth that not most people want to face. It is tough to talk about your problems when the only thing you will get is the judgment that is shrewd, illogical and unempathetic… It isn’t a surprise that there are some of us that when we expose ourselves to the people that we believe are open-minded and will help us are the same ones who push us into a deeper level of hell because we fail to see the facade they have put up as it is all glittery and conspicuous. Thus, we are thwarted into more problems than where we were in the first place… our trust is put to the test every time we ask for help from another “human” being.

Consequently, we are welcomed to another struggle one after the other that just takes away our sanity & we are welcomed to a truth that is as hard to digest, and even harder to accept everyday.

Trust is delicate, and our selves that we flaunt as strong is even more fragile!

The thought of being alone, in a world of so many people… is one that crosses all our minds. Should we stop there, should we keep trusting others, Yes! because we can’t lose hope just because a few hundred people didn’t help us, we can fairly prophecize, that there are those among us in this world who will become our guide even if from a distance… their words and actions will guide us in the direction, to the place where we might be able to let go of our demons and worries.

In this world of so many “open-minded” people we try our best to seek emotional, and spiritual closure to the point it has become hard to connect with people who in reality are pretty “close-minded”.

Our close-mindedness has made us ignorant that we don’t want to help or be helped, loved and even cherished by the people around us; an inner struggle.

Some want to break these walls, that we have set up for ourselves and others around us… some challenge the norm and fight to free ourselves… but we will never notice unless we accept our struggle, & accept the fact, yet some do the exact opposite and break us, they throw us in the dirt. They diminish our value and our self-esteem, our trust, and loyalty. People are cruel in those regards!

Our struggle is real, why should we wait for someone to come and free us from our ivory tower, no one is coming unless they are highly altruistic in a world that is filled with greed, that’s possible but not with the luck we have! why don’t we just stand up for ourselves & show that we have everything at our disposal… to build ourselves in our direst of times.

We possess the tenacity to support yourself and many others around us but we don’t. Because choosing misery, is easy & effort demands sacrifice. Sacrificing ourselves for a better day tomorrow is the struggle we all want to pursue. We can run, we can evade, and keep on running but our lives are as limited as they come. Time either be spent running or standing up to our struggles, it is never really wasted. What’s wasted are the opportunities that we miss and give up on, that could have pushed us towards a better future!

We fear too much, it enslaves us & fosters ignorance that weakens our resolve and courage to fall short on our promises to ourselves & other people in our lives. We haven’t tried hard enough, we haven’t. We know that deep inside ourselves, we give up too easily… because it’s easy but not all times it is easy to give up, sometimes it takes a lot of strength and gusto to give up on the things you really want the most, or need to survive your struggles. Some people would advise you that this way of thinking might be an excuse that you couldn’t deliver on your promises, whereas others who are alike will acknowledge your resolve and determination. But in another perspective, we just sometimes hide behind our insecurities, and our excuses as we lack the basic willpower to accept the actual facts… in such cases, most of us think of asking for mercy, from God… from the people and also our demons, why shouldn’t we, it is a struggle in itself to confine into the unknown, that is known yet our own bias diminishes its value.

We can’t leave everything idly by, just because there is nothing in our control. We should try to make way, in matters concerning our life, well being, family, love, friendship, and vice-versa.

Acknowledgement of our struggle is the first step, in balancing our circumstances, in hoping to change the outcome of our choices!

Thus, we need to acknowledge that our struggles have value, and we can learn and balance the meaning of our lives by living through our struggles…

As, a life of struggle is a life lived through great fortitude!

Giving back, is a courteous gesture that we all can do even if our lives are turned upside down, we can always find a million reasons to smile, we are lucky that way, and truly strong!

It’s never black or white. Sometimes there’s a bit of spicy red in there as well.