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Sorrows, unexpected nuisances, and irregular emotions which pop up at the direst of times. Such are chasms of life’s worries. Whether you are hoping to let go of the past, the present always ushers uncertainty that fosters problems for one’s self that challenges the very existence of one’s perseverance.

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Expectations do get us carried away from what we truly want in life… Although desire can be such a faulty thing at times, it gives us the delusion of receiving something that is at times unjust to others around us, as the primary goals of our desires are to satisfy our carnal appetites, but at the expense of using others for them as such. But when we don’t gain the desired satisfaction, and we don’t because in all actuality…

All that glitters is not gold! we are never truly satisfied with how much we mask ourselves with. (public)

Thus we fall, we tumble into despair that causes us to lose faith in ourselves… A never-ending abyss of volatile emotions that cause us a slowly never-ending array of harm… that continues to scorn us until we part! (public)

Family is an enigmatic notion, where people make sacrifices even for those who shun them away, where one wants to isolate themselves and the others bother them for their chosen ways and paths that consequently hurt their sentiments on a much deeper level. Love is so fragile but triumphant at times but the inner lingering sadness that follows it as a plague has it’s dreadful effects on those who tread try to tread on it. Sometimes, we chose to make the choice knowing very well where it might lead us but we should still make the effort as it is uncertain of what can we make of the journey that presides us. (public)

Sometimes, we believe if we had someone who could shelter our secrets, our desires and ourselves; someone who would carry us through the tiring paths of life, it would help us relieve the after-effects of the nuisances that come afterward through the by-products of our choices! We wait, we whimper and we yearn for someone who might knock on our door, the people whom we await for patiently, with each passing day. There is a tomorrow waiting for us, it might get better or worse for that we can hope for… we can expect less and give more, But we should always believe we will be in a better place than where we are today! (public)

Therefore, we just need to persevere through it all… we all have somethings to relate, we all have passive moments in life. We all suffer at the hands of our choices and allowing others to write our destinies and control our fates. But we can do better, we are all majestic in many ways but we are ordinary too in those regards. What we might classify as mundane might seem heavenly to someone else who aspires to want that in their lives. The experiences we earn in our lives are truly a story we should most definitely tell & we could sell. Because we can help others make these experiences their own, and in doing make their’s one of our own. In doing so, we not only would comfort people but also share deep intimacy and intricacies of our lives with others and thus we will be able to find out the people whom we have been yearning for, all this time.

It is indeed a thorny path, full of sorrows, and also joy but it’s the harsh journey that truly makes this adventure great, and will reward you with experiences that might seem like miracles to the common eye! Thus, we might have achieved some aspects of our lives that might point us in the right direction, to the place where our purpose and dreams reside! (public)

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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