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After writing consecutively on medium day in & day out, I have been able to write about a myriad of topics, & subjects through the experiences I have either lived or persisted through. I decided to use this given time in this pandemic to write about them in ample detail.

This time has given me the opportunity to explore life, and write about my experiences eloquently and share them with the world. I hope my words are able to connect with anyone who reads them!
Writing this manuscript to leave behind a legacy of work, that i believe might help a soul or two at best!

Following are the list of topics, stories, and poetry that I have written about so far, that I hope you will definitely enjoy reading, reflecting, and sharing.

Poetry Section

Note: the following order is from the first published to date, for proper navigation!

Haiku | Tanka | Senryu | Diamante

Humor | Satire | Comedy

Fun Useless Facts & How to’s

Contemporary Issues

Life Experiences | Short Stories in Progress

Life Lessons | Philosophy | Love | Family

Prompts and Challenge — Callbacks


Technology | Awareness | Business

Fiction | Non-Fiction | Story-Telling | Under 50 Words


Business | Entrepreneurship (in progress)

Computer Science | Education (in progress)

Series (in Progress)

Spirituality | Death | Perseverance | Hope (in progress)

As of this moment, these are the few topics that I have decided to write on but hopefully, I will have written them within a few months. Be sure to check it by then as I’ll update them regularly.

So if you like reading them or dislike them, do offer your critique & response of what you feel afterwards in the responses section. It would be a learning experience after all for the both of us!

Thank you to the people of medium & the various other writers & readers alike, who found value in what I have written so far whether it be a response or a story. Thank you to my friends, who encouraged me to start writing in the first place.🎈

Thank you for taking the time to explore what I have to offer to! ✔️

Kind regards,
Stay Blessed, and Stay Safe!

Peace🕊️, Love❤️, and Happiness😄 onto you!

Riku Arikiri

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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