A 10% Increment in Salaries on a 400% Inflation Rate is the New Joke in Corporate Cliches

I’m so thankful that my company appreciates me giving me a 10% salary rise while I bust my blood, sweat, and tears daily for 12 hours on end.

Riku Arikiri
3 min readJul 28, 2022


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Ain’t that the punchline?


Although gut-wrenching it may be, mindlessly headache-inducing to read.

It’s the reality of corporate douchebaggery these days.

Linkedin has become the shitpost central, it’s a place for corporate simps to hang out and make banter.

This highlights the unmotivated drones to stick up to their bosses. Kiss their ass and leave professional comments such as, “Wow, this is such a great step.”

Lemme tag some of my friends so that they can be reached on the hype train.

Oh look, I got a 100$ increment in my remote pay.

My boss is such a great guy. He just increased our quotas by 300% with rotational shifts. But he’s giving us a 100$ bonus. Yayyy!

I’m so relieved I get to work under him(kiss his ass, shine his shoes, and let him take me whenever he wants, master).

The irony is most of us have been faced with such circumstances all our lives.

And it isn’t like outside corporate is any better.

The pay gap is still there.

Heck it’s everywhere for both genders. Especially people who use unfair advantage and means to one-up each other. It’s a meaningless debate to involve which gender does better or worse. Because everybody who’s addicted to greed is going at it.

There’s no stopping them.

Those who argue that corporate is the worst, haven’t worked in the service industry or the labor industry.

It’s mayhem everywhere. Chaos has ensued. Havoc and anarchy, help!!!

However, it has always been this way.

People who say it was better in their time. They lie to themselves to construct a reality that it will get better.



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