I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

All great relationships are built on equal footing…

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I had to say this out loud. Yes, good relationships are made from a mix of balanced roles and understanding. And this is why we need to delve deeper into what makes relationships built on equal footing so great!

They say, “if you believe in love at first sight, maybe you might just fall in love.”

My kind of relationships, your kind of relationships, all kinds of relationships are built upon two people’s need to connect. All of us desire someone in our lives.

We wanted love, attention, and warmth from others in exchange for the ones that we provided…

Become The Ultimate Mediator

Acquire the sleight of hand to leverage dominance in any communication scenario.

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The warm-touch, the soft voice, the kind stare, the peaceful smile — what do all of these have in common? Well firstly, all four of them are a part of something I call delicate etiquette.

I know right!?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Manners maketh Man?” I’m sure you might have seen the movie called “The Kingsmen.

People who pride upon their gentleness as well as their male bravado. Aren’t they just sweet and attractive at the same time?

Bold but not brash, Confident but also courteous — The best of both worlds.

All of us regardless of…

In 203 Days

Table of Contents (Updated Daily)

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After writing consecutively on medium day in & day out, I have been able to write about a myriad of topics, & subjects through the experiences I have either lived or persisted through. I decided to use this given time in this pandemic to write about them in ample detail.

This time has given me the opportunity to explore life, and write about my experiences eloquently and share them with the world. I hope my words are able to connect with anyone who reads them! …

Whisper in your sleeping child’s ear, “I love you.”

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Even to this day, it brings a smile to my face. Whenever my mum sometimes in the morning knocks and comes by to say hello. My mum has always been expressive of how she felt about her children.

If I was honest, everyone in my family is like that. They show affection in their very own way. Some buy gifts, others visit each other with enticing energy.

And most of them showcase a bundle of joy to behold. Being around such a different crowd easily frames your perspective on what it means to love and be loved.

When I was…

Wednesday: What quality of your self-image might you benefit from evaluating?

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There is a thought, a feeling perhaps that lingers around the walls of my room. As dusk grows old, and the lights start to fade. I think it’s time for my great escape.

And in I go, I go back to my room. Walls painted antique white, and bedsheets colored with roses that bloom. Oh, how they shine is what I wonder, as the night comes falling down asunder.

I slowly fall on my dear old bed. I let go of the weary stress and pain. The time has come for me to rest. …

1000 Characters or Less Challenge!

Good writing begins with opening our hearts.

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I believe the first fist that flies in the air when confronting your foes in the epicenter of a beatdown. Make sure it’s yours. Because if you take even a hint of doubt, fear might cripple your heart. And anxiety might crush your senses.

It dawned on me time & time again until I learned to take deep breaths during my fights. It was the second thing I learned from my battles. The first thing was bearing the pain of the opponent’s fist as it brushed against my body.

Sometimes a panic attack would try to render me unconscious. It…

Try loving someone who doesn’t deserve it, and you will understand why.

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Do you know it gets harder to hate someone when you understand why they are the way they are? You can learn to love them when you can grasp what makes them tick. When you accept them for who they are.

It becomes easier to love them without condition. It changes how we view people as a whole. And that is beautiful. How love can manifest in the hearts of those who are willing to understand one another!

Have you always wanted to learn how you can love someone unconditionally?

The kind of love that transcends boundaries. The type of…

Watch this, to get some inspiration.

Recently, I have found myself in a hobby that was inspired by my musician friend who is a hobbyist DJ and mixer. It was a challenge for me, to mix music visuals.

Though I kind of accepted that challenge and added my very own mix of creating a compelling story with music, video, and lyrical magic.

And what better to use Paul Mccartney’s song, and hand-selected videos from Pexels.

To create the music video, I used a free tool called Canva. And trust me this video was made proudly in Canva.

It is a hobby that…

Engagement begins with your positive energy embracing people with zest.

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Whenever I meet someone, whether it is for the first time. Or if I am meeting people after a while. I try my level best to surround them with energy that captivates their mind and soul.

It starts with giving people the space to feel they are welcomed. The best way to execute this is to meet them with zest.

You might be thinking, what is that?

Well, to be fair, meeting people with zest is something I learned from my elders. When I was young, I was surrounded by people who met each other with a pleasant aura. …

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