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i often ponder… and yet i am still here to stay, will you?

As some secrets are better left unsaid than the truth.

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Why do we keep secrets from the ones we love? I have been meaning to ask this question to myself for the past few nights. Ever since I, received yet another trauma, but this time I could sense the doom that was about to erupt.

The wrath was brought upon me by taking a stand against the passive-aggressive behaviors of the ones I love. I have been struggling with a lucid sense of anxiety and depression for a while now. And finally, I hit my limit and had an outburst of emotions followed by a mental breakdown.

But like good…

The Path To Thy Self

And when you do decide, eternal bliss awaits you on the other side.

Prompt: Do you shine more like the Sun or the Moon? Or something else?

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When I was young, I was afraid of the dark. I mean, not in a general way but in a way that I would get goosebumps as soon as the lights were turned off.

And boy, I wanted to run like hell as my life depended on it. Ah, those were the good ol days. I really miss them, but then again, I am already there.

But yes, I was always fascinated with the night sky as a kid, the one with a full moon. I…

In 203 Days

Table of Contents (Updated Daily)

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After writing consecutively on medium day in & day out, I have been able to write about a myriad of topics, & subjects through the experiences I have either lived or persisted through. I decided to use this given time in this pandemic to write about them in ample detail.

This time has given me the opportunity to explore life, and write about my experiences eloquently and share them with the world. I hope my words are able to connect with anyone who reads them! …

It's simple really, turn music on in the background and just write away

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Though writing it as of this moment does seem hard. I have been struggling with anxiety for a while. Not that I can’t beat it. But because I feel tired trying to bury it.

It’s been a while that I wrote narrating to myself. It’s hard because I have fallen out of touch with myself. Usually, when I write, it’s a conversation with myself. But for a few months, the voice within has gone silent.

Somehow I find it sad that perhaps I should take a break too. And I did.

Did that help? No, not really, but what else…

Rocket Power

Oh my god, it’s so big, I can’t believe it's so long

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Men have always been fascinated by the size and shape of rockets. Whether it be a ballistic missile or an intercontinental ballistic missile. Boy, they sure love to talk about it. It’s in every newspaper you can find, and on every Twitter feed, you see labeled #deal with it.

Now there are many contenders on who owns the admirable junk. But no one comes close to how big Russy has when it comes to the total circumference of their nukes. It is said when their nukes are launched, somewhere some Yankee dies of constipation.

Or rather lack thereof, the sound…

Relationship Rules

How The Words “I Love You” Have Lost All Value to Me

Prompt: How do other people only seeking certain pieces of me affect me?

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It is really depressing to know that those who promise the value of love lose sight of their own when it comes to common courtesy. And last year, I was destined to experience yet another misfortune.

Though being honest is all that most misfortunes spell certain doom in my life. As it calls on another change that I have to don. A chance to improve me through hardship and scorn.

How a man who only gives love wanting only acceptance? I have a simple code to life…

Parenting Lessons Ripped Out of Homer Simpson’s Bible

It’s simple, shove a religious indoctrination down their throats

Homer Choking Bart — A Running Gag Spanning Decades on

Do you know how easy it is for modern parents to control their children? Well, in the southeast, there has been a trend for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid, I have seen this form of imparting respect that only serves one.

It is a process where one has to bow down and take it up the ass. Because well, let’s face it if you ever even remotely err.

You deserve what’s coming to you.

Whether it’s a slipper, a fist, or even a beating.

You have to take it because you deserve it…

I don’t know whether I will laugh or cry. Perhaps both as time goes by.

Prompt: What does it mean to be a whole person?

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I mean that in the most honest way. It’s complicated to say whether I am happy or sad. At times, I am silent, pondering my own existence, making peace with the chaos in my heart and mind.

Of how things have changed and times I have relapsed.

How have I won, and how have I been defeated? I believe you are whole when crying and releasing one’s own stress is a priority rather than a curse. It is when you can experience it without anyone’s approval.

You can help yourself…

It starts with you.

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Yes, you.

But let me paraphrase it into words that make it clear for you. You need to write from the heart. But formulate it with the format provided. I have read a lot of writing advice as much as I have watched anime.

Ok, I might not have read that much. But it counts. 😉

Story writing is a lot like a narrative. The reader should follow. And you need to write for the army of 1. You need to narrate for the little voice in your head reading this as I write along.

It feels like a movie…


Can you resist the clowning effect?

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Have you read a lot of ‘how-to’ writing advice, lately? Like the ones that just accidentally come up in your news feed? As soon as you click and go through the article.

It’s just the user’s perspective and not much actionable advice.

You have been there. All of us have been there. But wait, there is more. Why don’t you sign up for my free email spam list with cookie-cutter fortune cookie nonsense? It will change your mind and also my bank account.

But wait — there’s a catch.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” — Yoda

Like all…

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