5 things a procrastinator needs to do, when they’re depressed!

What i do that mostly help me when i go through such circumstances!

How to Win the Emotional Battle of Procrastination — Gustavo Razzetti

Depression is a B*tch, and yes we all go through it in our everyday lives. Inherently, it can cause a lot of for a procrastinator because of their lifestyle choices… Having can mix it up a bit, to the point you’re like a loose cannon that keeps rapidly all shots fired(pun) & vice-versa.

So here are the 5 things, you should do if you’re a procrastinator..

  1. Try to move your ass up, from the bed because it’s already draining to stay in the bed like a … and go and sit in the … Just sit there and do nothing… & your and just let the outside sink inside of you. slowly, and start your day by in the Sun… It’ll help with the sun gives you and also your . (win-win)
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2. Try eating something green, eating any that might make your unstable… and cause afterwards… therefore try to eat something healthy… or do intermittent that can also help when you’re prone to doing nothing (wink — wink). Drink lots of water to keep yourself .

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3. Try taking a or a shower… but don’t do it swiftly. Instead try to properly cleanse yourself of the that might be causing you, to feel that way. Remember, a bath not only the body but also the mind. So try to enjoy the process and maybe even by putting on a symphony or two when you take a bath. It helps, relaxing to music can help soothe whatever is causing this episode to breakdown , and help you relax more.

4. Contemplation can be something, that one can do but don’t too bad about it what led you to this day, instead be that you’re here and you are still kicking… be hopeful, for there are many rainy days, but there’ll come a day where the sun might come up unless you’re like me who prefers days… >_< Listen to some good while you’re at it, the mind can go a long way when you think when you’re , so instead of keeping it inside let the tears flow… it is a sign of when you can cry all your worries away. I envy the people, who can shed because they can choose to relieve themselves of the that might cloud their behavior where needed and make themselves of all such that make them sad & depressed.

5. In the end, I decided to write because it helps with my , & … the ability to imbue and in words is truly a I wanted to share. The feeling of sheer hopelessness we all feel, the misery and sadness we carry in our hearts… sometimes is the only way we can truly let go of the burdens that cause us to feel this way… It is a nice gesture to seek solitude from everyone and ourselves sometimes as it helps us with filling our inner with what it yearns… Therefore, Distance yourself from everyone because you very well know that your will eventually you and others around you; that feeling of anger and frustration can hurt someone’s feelings if you’re not . Therefore, in the emptiness and accept to for a little while until you truly feel relieved from the pains that are causing you to feel depressed and anxious!

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P.S In the end, you could watch anime, maybe binge a show or two, play games or even learn something useful… but we all know productivity is what we procrastinators are bad at, therefore instead of doing anything productive just try doing the things mentioned, but most of all improvise to what you find best, and do it! Have Fun!

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I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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