In 30 Sentences

30 Days of writing on medium

What it has taught me so far!

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Medium is a place where your ideas can find format, & fruition but most definitely, can find an audience that can value, & progressively treasure your words which is definitely worth writing and paying for!

Writing on medium feels like writing for a newspaper agency. Everything you write needs to be standardized, there is a lot of expectation from medium to publish your stories, let alone curate them. In doing so, many ideas get flushed down the toilet. If you have read the guidelines properly, Medium isn’t writer-friendly per se. There is a lot you need to understand & follow by before you get started writing. Read the terms & conditions to better understand the platform’s policies so that you’re able to co-exist with them freely.

I was always fascinated by writing poetry; I always aspired to write words that provided people the insight & the opportunity to express themselves openly.

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The following are the few things I have learned after using medium for 30 days.

  1. Medium is a minimalist platform but it needs to give people the freedom to express through their creative means, & not just plain text.
  2. You shouldn’t go for the curation process, as it highly seems dead so far, build an audience first, and interact with the people that you want your words to unite with.
  3. Write about the things that you haven’t tried yet. Give them a chance to flourish using medium every day.
  4. Most topics that are realistic in nature, about life aren’t much accepted on medium i.e. the curators are the judge, jury & the executioners of what you will write or publish on medium(a pipe dream) which will be carried across through the entire medium community.
  5. You are not gonna earn a 1000 dollars when you come on medium, expect less, and even lesser than 50 cents $,
    (P.S don’t buy into B.S “that you will kill it doing X in Y minutes” in most stories regarding the ways to kill it on medium; YES, you will kill it i.e. your writing & passion on medium 🤣).
  6. Join the newer publications(0–10k Followers), and start fresh because you shouldn’t cheat your way out of everything & trust me there are some hidden gems here, you won’t miss unless you run after the crowd😉!
  7. Try knocking on the bridge before you cross over, i.e. apply to other publications as well as the curation process for your stories, and your articles to learn whether your writing style meets their standard. This will teach you a fundamental aspect about yourself that you either need to improve or accept that will help you in moving forward.
  8. It is a simple journey, and focus on the little things. Enjoy and have fun with the people you find valuing your words, and your work. It is definitely a cave of wonders; medium. Just keep moving forward into the tunnel. There is a chance you might find a dead end or you might find a way out or maybe even stumble upon the riches; just keep writing, interacting, respecting & valuing the people that you connect with because that is what truly matters i.e. human connection.

I have made a lot of progress that has helped me in using this time to connect with different people, perspectives & points. I have communicated with some amazing people here through my writing hopefully allowing them to discourse upon realistic perspectives given time & effort.

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Writing here will give you purpose in this pandemic we are all facing. It will give you structure & routine in life but most of all it is going to allow you to write about the issues that you need people to hear, and pay attention to regardless of what typos or grammatical mistakes you make, whether intentionally or unintentionally because we all have disorders, some can’t pay attention (ADD) and others are just too focused on writing the point across.

Have fun writing your experiences, sharing your feelings and opinions with others regardless of what the standards and rhetoric say. You will find your family here, regardless of prioritizing your reads, views, and claps.🕊️

“It’s the little forms of happiness you will get from sharing your thoughts & perspectives & the feedback you get through medium that matters, but hey, that’s me! 😆

Go and find yourself!”

Stay Blessed, Stay Safe! Peace and Take Care!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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