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21 College Memes That’ll Make You Rejoice Your Youth

And if you’re still in school, this is your year! 😜

One subject to rule them all. Laugh a lot, a good sense of humor almost cures all of life’s ills. Enjoy the memes!

1. Attending Class on time is not a logical move.

2. Read it or Reddit

3. Pay attention in school Or?

4. College Homies

5. By that logic If you write, you’re a scientific researcher. Talk about imposter syndrome.

6. Do you overthink often at night? when you should be busy sleeping or better yet preparing the assignment you have to submit tomorrow.

7. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!

8. Another one & ? (you said it, didn’t you)

9. Guilty as charged!?

10. Remember the time, you were

11. Wear your masks, or else you're next.

12. Highlight this text when you get this.

12. Don’t even think about it, or else!

13. Focus, on this text instead you’ll see something special.

14. Hold up there, did you just read what I think you just read. How tho?

15. Teachers: Submit it on time. (Then a blackout happens.)

16. RIP Adobe Flash, you will be missed.

17. Oh sheet, *panics*

18. Just one more minute, and then I’m free!?

19. It’s potato, not pohtato

20. Never thought about that, we really are the same.

21. This one hit hard, gotta stop writing memes and head to the gym.

P.S 2021 is going to be your good year.

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I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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