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18 Special Measures Your Beloved Child Deserves In Their Life

Be the example they need you to be.

Love your children, as much as you would love yourself. Do it a million times more as if they are your prized possessions because they are a living and breathing part of you.

The 18 years of a child’s life are perhaps the most important ones in their development. Many parents tend to fail in these 18 years in different scenarios. But those mistakes adversely affect their children.

Parenting seems like a tough challenge for all those people who feel that it is a hard job to be good at. Rather than doing it by instinct, we have to be careful in our actions. If we want to help our children grow with a mindset that proffers optimism even in the face of life’s increasing uncertainties.

As a child myself I have experienced neglect, one of the many hardest of battles that children have to bear in life. Though it did make me learn to pick myself up, there were times where I needed my parents to pick me up as well.

But sadly they weren’t there. Not that I want to blame them for it. We all make mistakes at times — we all suffer from them but the ones who suffer the most are our children.

A life of hardship as a child is certainly unbearable for some and I have known many who did not make it past their teenage years because of it. A child always keeps expectations from their parents even when the world shuns them. They always look towards their parents for assistance, love, and guidance.

That’s the relationship of children with their parents. They look towards the way of the person that matters the most to them in their life — their parents.

Even if we give our children possessions but never truly teach and show them love and affection — everything we ever do will be in vain. As we never would have reciprocated towards their real needs.

Childhood is an essential factor in the growth and development of children. On average children are dependent on their parents until they can become independent. Some might need financial assistance while others would need emotional affection.

There are many needs that a child requires fulfilment from their parents. Here are 18 measures parents should actively partake in, to help guide their children with zest.

Hug children after you discipline them.

I do believe you have to discipline your children i.e. when they do something that is considered a wrong but physical abuse might not be the solution. A punishment should serve as a lesson to them that actions have consequences.

If you punish them with fury at a young age, research shows that it will cause all sorts of harm to the psychological development of the child. Let alone, causing even depressive episodes in the child’s life.

I have seen many parents who repeat their childhood history with their children by beating them so much that they lose their humanity through that display of force. It ruins their life forever.

How do you truly discipline a child?

Well, there are many routes you can take. The first thing is to show them a better way. If a child drops a vase, instead of throwing insults at their face — take a deep breath and behave.

Show them that when you do the wrong thing, there will be a civil punishment like running ten laps of the house. A child is a cheerful being, in their age, all they want to do is to have fun. You can improvise that situation in their favour as well as their disciplining.

Push them towards exercise as a practical punishment. Tell them to do ten push-ups, if they fail you should make them do ten more. But don’t be that strict — improve upon such punishments depending on what kind of bad thing they do.

If they fight with someone, make them both do push-ups together. You can even tell them if they help each other do ten pushups each, they will get a reward. This might show them, that sometimes their actions cause others strife as well but they can choose not to do that.

Even if their actions cause strife there would always be a way that they can face it together and win.

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When the child finishes, you should embrace them and caress them with affection. Warm words with hugs make any child melt with laughter and joy. Show them that there is always a way they can smile in the end.

Show them forgiveness, they will grow up becoming someone who will take responsibility, having a forgiving nature with a spirit of teamwork and synergy.

Embrace those lovely bubbas, but most of all treat them with kindness.

Never postpone adventures of joys. Take detours often.

There was a time I had many adventures with my family. At a young age, we would travel often. But then it just stopped, the active part of life — we stopped living that. As my parents became more and more passive in my life. The more as I grew onward. Though some parents I knew would still travel, those with a small family of 2 would always get neglected.

My parents though had a lot of time in their hands but they became passive, growing tired. Everyone doesn’t eventually if you don’t exercise and take care of your health and resocialize with nature once in a while.

That happened to us as well. I would always tempt my parents for travelling somewhere. We would make plans, but plans stayed plans. There is a part of me, a list I keep to still enjoy those adventures that were never sailed upon with my family, with my parents.

Imagine a child who keeps wishes, even though knowing one day they won’t have the ones they are working for in their life. Parents should always take chances for imbuing a spirit of joy in their children otherwise, they would become docile never fully allowing themselves to enjoy the freedom that adventures inspire.

A few years back, while coming back with my father from a trip — we took a detour. we passed by a famous fishing lake and my father thought we should go there. I told him lets as I was energized with a sudden rush that it was finally happening.

We reached the lake, rented a boat, and then rowed it together to watch the sunset. Though we didn’t catch any fish it felt like the aspirations I had kept all those years were somehow fulfilled with that one moment of a detour.

As we saw the sunset in the mountain peaks, it felt as if I was at peace. My inner child who had to wait nearly two decades — a boat trip with dad finally came to a close. My wish was somehow fulfilled as I smiled and howled with my father during the sunset — good times.

Photo By Author On A Great Day

There is an adventure we all can take with our children — a choice to travel and sail through all wherever life might take us. When we show our children that we can enjoy regardless of the moment, we prepare them to face the inevitable whatever comes our way — we will face it with a smile.

Take family vacations whether you can afford them or not. The memories will be priceless. The hope it will bring will be divine.

Taking a detour instils a philosophy that we still have second chances to make things right. We have another chance at life, and the choices to make them real is in our hands — always. Whatever we go through in life, we will always be able to turn around from it and go where the peace resides with ease.

That is perhaps the essence of joy that is present in the art of taking detours. Choosing in being happy, for us and ourselves, and taking a chance for the call of adventure whenever our heart requires.

Surprise children with little unexpected gifts.

Psychologists say that giving gifts plays a surprisingly important role in human connections, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Indeed, psychologists say it’s often the giver, who reaps the most important psychological gains from a present.

I believe my elders, performed a respectable role as a parent in my life. My grandfather used to buy all sorts of taffy, candies and would place them in a separate drawer when he would know of us visiting our ancestral home. The times I’d spent with my grandfather — he would always have gifts for me to share. Every story I’d listen to, my grandfather would bestow with a gift in the end.

He had a welcoming nature, and a magnetic personality that could move mountains — it did. He would travel miles on end at his old age, just to buy gifts for those loved ones who are visiting him. He’d leave before, catch the early bus and travel to bazaars in cities to get the gifts for those he adored.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

It not only surprised his children, and grandchildren but everyone whoever came to visit him. He truly cared for and loved everyone around him. He, along with many elders including my father would surprise me and my other siblings with our favourite candy now and then.

My father would always keep spare candy in his pockets when coming back from home. As he knew me and my siblings would go through his pockets and find little surprises for ourselves. Such is the kind gesture that shows children little forms of affection that teaches them how to love in the most subtle of ways.

An auspicious way of caring is the best aspect that transcends from this surprising gesture. One that is blessed to the heart of the recipient.

Even if you’re financially able, have your children earn and pay part of their college tuition.

It will teach your children the value of money and the importance of saving. To also take action and divide their focus when they know their blood and sweat were vested in what they are doing.

They will not only achieve their goals but outshine expectations as well. They will learn early on how to manage their finances. Knowing very well that they always have their foot in the door whenever they want something — they can earn it.

Photo by Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash

This aspires to give them self confidence in their skills and what they lack. If these qualities are instilled at an early age. A child can grow up learning the trade, much simply rather than struggling to learn the tricks as they grow older.

It disciplines them to save & spend money wisely, which plays an essential factor for their financial success.

They would put in extra effort in savouring themselves and thus respecting the time value of money. A lesson perhaps every parent should teach their child, that builds character and confidence towards managing the expenses of life.

Make a habit of doing nice things for your children even if they are unaware of it.

One of the fantastic things I love about my mother is perhaps, this one act that she used to do for my sake when I was but a child. I can say, almost all my milk teeth have fallen. Thus, I would do what any bubba would. I would clean it and put it under my pillow.

I’d wait for the tooth fairy to come in the night, and take my tooth while dropping some yummy goodies nearby. Every now and then, even if there was no tooth — I’d find money under my pillow every weekend or so.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

I would get cheery and run to my little sister showing her that she visited me — leaving a gift in my stead. We would then rush to the local grocery store, together and buy some goodies to eat together every weekend around the evening or so.

I believed this to be the case, for two long decades — I realised only a few months ago that it was my mother all along!

My sister had told me, that our Mama used to leave the money under my pillow every Saturday night. I asked her, how did she know? She told me, she caught her once when she was but a teen. She never spoke about it to me, because she knew why my mother did what she did!

Even in my adulthood — I believe tooth fairies exist. That beautiful fairy who cares is none other than my beloved mother. I think she gave me these little moments of joy, that perhaps I’d do the same with my children.

I was unaware of more than two decades. She kept on bringing those blessings towards my well being. I believe we should do such kinds of activities that foster warmth and care towards our children.

This is perhaps one of the sweetest, yet the most vulnerable expression of love there is. And the fairy godmother who always left presents for me every now and then was none other than my beloved mother after all.

Tell your kids often how terrific they are and how you trust them.

How do you show a child, true empathy? Well, you do that by displaying a measure of trust and understanding. Children of all ages, expect their parents to have faith in them. This drives the most exalted quality i.e. passion-driven through mutual trust.

Whether its a somersault a child does, to gain attention from their parents. Or making something impractical, they made to catch you by surprise — they do this so that you can be proud of them. This gives children the excitement that creates a reservoir of joy that pushes them to be the best of themselves.

I have a lot of younger cousins, whenever we have a get-together. I spend most of my time among them because they are just so lively. My little cousin came to me the other day, to show me what he had made with a lego block. It was a small trinket, an odd house. In the house, there was lego Minifigure of what seemed to be waving hello.

I hugged my cousin and blessed him with a few tickles and congrats. He became shy and started laughing. I asked him if he could show me how he made it, so I can learn to build it as well. We then sat together, and build ourselves really cool figurines. My uncle(his father) also joined along, we then for the next few hours sat together with the little kiddo and built legos.

We gave the reigns to him, and thus he navigated through managing authority. Trust is a variant factor when it comes to authority. When done the right way it teaches children to manage others and themselves properly. It allows them to feel in control of what they do.

It is a handy way of allowing children to foster a mindset of critical thinking and teamwork. Especially when you’re doing an activity together, this helps to learn efficiently and greatly impacts their self-esteem.

Respect your children’s privacy. Knock before entering their rooms.

This is an endless struggle, especially for teens. In an age, where hormones are at their high. The stress is through the roof, and unnerving happenings are bound to happen — we need to be extra careful in dealing with our children.

Teenage years are perhaps, the make or break part of a child’s life. It is in these years, we learn about our bodies, and especially at times experience the oddities of life. Sometimes, we might be caught at a wrong moment, while navigating through such experiences.

As parents, it is our responsibility to not evade the privacy of our children. Boys and girls at this age might be going through a lot of things. Sometimes if you stumble uninvited, they might be doing things you shouldn’t see. You get the idea, where I am going.

It happens to all of us. We have all been there — puberty. The kind of shame the child has to bear if a parent walks in on them can be pretty discerning. We should adopt a habit, of knocking before entering our children’s room. This is the time, where we need to show flexibility to our children.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We have to give them space and learn to guide them at their own time. We need to create an environment where they come to us for advice, rather than us budding in uninvited to them. I know parents do care, but in times where children have anger management issues, especially in this age. Try to avoid confrontations, and give them space.

Knocking before, entering a room is one of those things. It allows you to practice safe boundaries. Furthermore, helps your children in cleaning up before you catch them at the wrong time.

Thus, try creating a safe environment where your children feel safe, rather than feeling somebody is going to break down their door as soon as they start doing XYZ. Strive for a safe space, and contribute towards establishing healthy boundaries.

Cherish your children for what they are, not for what you’d like them to be.

Children are comprised up of dreams — so do not break them just because you want them to become XYZ. Instead, focus on how you can support them in what they dream to be. The early years of a child’s life should never be filled with unhealthy expectations.

When our fantasies about our children do not coincide with their interests, talents, and tendencies, our expectations can strike a debilitating blow to our children’s development. It clearly is unhealthy towards their growth as well as their mindset.

A child needs to flourish in their own manner, at their own pace. They need to be given the room, to make decisions as well as to improve upon their experiences in time.

Us parents have the responsibility to take care of them, for who they are. We need to instil the compassion, and warmth needed for them to flourish. Our main role is to be their guide, instead of being their master.

Children are free-spirited beings, and thus allowing them to be themself is what we need to aim for them. Until and unless a child becomes knowledgeable and mature enough to know what’s good for them. We need to be able to support their decisions and healthily guide them. So one day, they can look back and agree that their parents did the right thing.

All these things happen at their own time, thus cherish your children for being them. Show them a better way, by being their companion who believes in them wholeheartedly.

When playing games with children, let them win.

This is something that I have learned from my father. We used to play old Sega/NES/Neo-Geo games together every evening when I was growing up. He would allow me the player 1 position and he’d opt as player 2. From Mario kart to Kabuki Klash — we have played it all together. Especially when it came to Kabuki Klash, our favourite game. I think when it comes to our all-time favourite it’s either Kabuki Klash or King of Fighters series.

Kabuki Klash on

My father would buy us these expensive games, back when I was a kid just so we could experience a childhood filled with fun. My father worked very hard as a civil servant and in the evening he would go and teach university students. But the best part was when before we’d go to bed — he would play with us one round of either game.

I remember my father always purposely lost in the end. He would act like he’s winning giving us the challenge but in the end, would fail and let us win. After some time we got so good at the game, that our father played fair with us when we were more active at the game.

Even then he would never allow himself to beat us in a fair game. Sure there were times he demolished us in 15 seconds or less. Those were hard losses, and sometimes I cried. But my dad would always try to pick the weakest roster and play handicapped.

Back then I was too busy beating my dad in zest. It was only that I got older when we would play FIFA together did I realize why my dad did what he did.

Surprisingly it would be astonishing to hear that my dad is a FIFA champ. I have never been able to beat him at that game. He kicked my ass fair and square. I never said anything because he deserved those wins for giving us the pleasure of winning in the old days.

This spirit of sharing a victory with others is perhaps a gift from my father to me and my siblings. One of the many reasons, why you should let your children win is because they will learn to share the joy that comes from winning.

They will learn to celebrate small victories that they will look back to whenever they feel down and blue — knowing that their father showed them courtesy at their best and their worst.

Don’t worry that you can’t give your kids the best of everything. Give them your very best.

Ever since an infant — I have seen my parents work hard, day in and day out. I have been there when we were much poor. We were living in a small house with only two rooms. I have seen their hardship, their struggle and their sacrifices.

When I was a kid, I would come up to my parents and ask them whenever I would want something. But before I would ask for anything— I would always ask them a question?

“Mama, Papa — do you have spare change?”

The reason I would do this is as I knew — ever since I was little that my parents would make ends meet by working really hard. I would gather those spare change in my money box for a rainy day. My parents even if when we were poor, gave us the best of everything. I never really asked anything from them as they gave me their best i.e. the love, affection and warmth that made me happy.

My parents grew up poor as well. But they worked really hard every day to become who they are now. My mother perhaps was the first graduate from her village. My father perhaps is the first doctorate holder from his family. Both of them worked really hard to make ends meet. But when I look back even though we didn’t have much money but the childhood my parents gave me has no such comparison whatsoever.

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The nurturing I have received in my early years of childhood and the kindness, love, compassion, and warmth they provided me and my siblings with is ad infinitum. They gave us their best, and even if at times they would grow tired of working hard. We would be there to make their day. My siblings and I wouldn’t spend the money we would get from others. We would save it and buy presents for our parents on their anniversaries. My sister and I perhaps have done many feats for our parents since childhood.

Remember, toys and materials are never important. If a child receives the love of their parent if they can receive it completely. There is nothing more in this world that could suffice more than the love and warmth of their beloved parent.

And that is perhaps the very best that I received. I believe its something you should aim to provide your children as well.

Learn to show cheerfulness and enthusiasm even when you don’t feel like it.

Coming back home after a hard day of work, you are stressed out of your mind and perhaps even angry. Your son runs towards you with open arms, and you shun him and speak loudly “Not now, haven’t I told you before not to push me like this.” followed by perhaps a slap or a push.

Perhaps the child knew, how dad had a hard day at work so he thought the only thing that would make him happier would be a hug. That would do the trick for him whenever he is down. A child can’t really expect the strict behaviour that awaits when he walks towards their parent with love.

It is an instinctive response. Don’t break their heart just because you can’t handle the stress — when you’re stressed, just breathe. It helps, do it before you come home. Run a mile, it will help. Breathe, and calm your senses for when you reach home, and your child comes running you could be as enthusiastic as you can be.

Even if you resigned from your job, be cheerful in life’s hardships. It shows the child that you can accept whatever comes your way with ease. It would also show them the perspective that their parent can change even the gloomiest of the situation into a lively one.

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

There wasn’t a day — whenever my father came back home — in which he wasn’t cheerful with us. His energy could enlighten the entire house. The way he would check up on everyone was something to behold. Meeting everyone and asking their day was. Even if my father had a bad day, he would come back sweaty because he would run a mile before coming back home.

He would dissipate that stress because he didn’t want his children to experience his negative energy. He knew that his children would run towards him in joy. Thus he always tried to take a fresh run before coming back from a hard day to lift us with joy.

Be the best example you want your children to be, and be more. Show zest even in hardships, trust me the attitude you will bless your child with would be legendary.

Every day show your children how much you love them with your words, with your touch, and with your thoughtfulness.

One of the most profound ways of creating warmth in a child’s life is through words of affirmation and validation. My mothers have loved me a lot as a child. They have nurtured me into the fine man I am today. They taught me the fundamentals lessons of life that are seen through my actions and words.

As a child, my godmother and my biological mother both treated me like the most prized possession. My godmother would every day come to me, and she would shower me with love, affection and warmth. I miss her dearly every day. I reminisce upon the times she would rush to me every morning with sweets and gifts of embrace.

Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

My Mama even to this day, every morning wakes up and checks to see if I’m awake. She does that because she cares. Back when I was a child, both of these lovely women would fashion me with warmth accordingly. Where one would be strict, while the other would be free-spirited. In many ways, I got the best of both worlds one can expect from a mom.

I believe these words of reassurance are enough to make anyone feel complete. These sentiments allow our children to feel whole. They feel they are worth it. This awesome perspective is what you empower your children with when you aim to courteously show them affection every day regardless of their age.

When tempted to criticize your children, bite your tongue.

Learn to disagree without being disagreeable to your children. A child always aspires value and insight from their parent. As children, we look up towards our parents with questions, that we know not about.

If a child can ask a question, they are mature enough to hear the answer. Thus be courteous and caring in your manner. Learn to disagree with them without losing respect.

Show them a better way, that they can learn as well. Instead of throwing a fit, it is better to kill that kind of frustration at its root. It might even serve as a humorous moment, so share a quick laugh in eerie moments.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

Bad criticism can negatively damage a child’s psyche. Words are spells for the minds of children. They take these things to heart, and at nights they even might cry over the little things. Those words of criticism, I advise you to choose them wisely.

Trying not to criticise — is a wiser choice for anyone for that matter. Be courteous in your criticisms, so it sticks positively and helps them to apply that advice when the time comes.

Never waste nor wait for any opportunity to tell your children how much you love them and are grateful to have them in your life.

Words of love & affirmation can range from one to many.

I love you my bubba” is perhaps one way to always remind our children how much we truly acknowledge their value having them in our lives.

Regret is an awful thing, that tends to cause a lot of mental health decline in the minds, and hearts of our children. Our children desire warmth and affection from us every step of the way.

It is something that proffers a child a chance to reminisce upon youthfulness even if they are old. A child is a child in the arms of their parent. They will smile, laugh, and blush with joy.

We should always be grateful for having children in our lives. We should show them warmth whenever we can. Even if we feel sad, or depressed — we should allow ourselves to care for our children.

One of the many things it contributes to is the sense of selflessness that sends a message to the child.

No matter what happens, I will always be here for you.

Even in times of strife, this message helps them to become joyous. They can find a reason to smile. It helps them to easily navigate their feelings of dread with this newly found perspective by reminiscing the love their parent provides them with.

Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash

Our lives are sometimes short, we are always afraid of losing one another. Thus we should make the most of it, by showing our families with the love that makes us feel whole.

These words of love, are sometimes the defining force that tends to push us to live with gusto. They are what makes this life, a blessing. If a child is with you or runs towards you always caress them and shower them with affection.

Bless them with the affection, that creates a chain of love for everyone they interact with. As joy begets joy, and your love makes their world complete. Helping them understand, that there is always a reason to smile even if no one is by your side.

When a child falls and skins a knee or elbow, always show concern; then take the time to “kiss it and make it well.”

A lesson I learned from my grandfather, as a child I would tumble and fall. There have been many times, I’d bruise my knee. I believe I have given my mother, much troubles patching up my knees with band-aids around a thousand times as a kid.

Every now and then I would stumble and fall. As a kid, many pants got ripped from the knee. I was a clutz. There have been many people who aspired me to walk in a manner, where I wouldn’t get bruised or injured.

I was a hyperactive kid, so falling down came to me naturally. Every now and then, I’d come home with ripped jeans and knees bleeding. My mother would tend to those wounds, while I would wipe the tears off my face. She would care for me, in such a kind manner. With a few smacks, on my back as well.

A mother’s touch in the form of a slap, in times of these, was refreshing. She would patch me up, and give me a treat. Without losing a second to waste, she’d ask me to change my pants and go play again. Thus, I would run along and run in the wind.

Never underestimate the power of words to heal and reconcile wounds.

We all fall, we fail and sometimes we get hurt really badly. But in these times, if we can show our children that it's okay, and we’ll be alright. It blesses us with the perspective that helps us to brush our failures off just like that. We can get back to enjoying life even in our hard times.

In many ways, my parental figures were able to bestow me with that perspective. Now any time, I would fall and bruise my legs or arms. I’d rub some dirt and leaves on it. Brushing the feeling off, I’d start running back again. The pain was hard but I was able to bear it with ease.

Photo by David Boca on Unsplash

Because of this perspective that my parents bestowed me with, in life whenever I fell. I knew getting back up was as easier as falling down. Even if it would hurt, I would imagine the feeling of joy that came from standing back and running to my mates.

Channelling those feelings was perhaps one of the many ways, I was able to celebrate even the hard times. A zest that was shown to me, by my caring parents whom I’m eternally thankful for.

Let your children overhear you saying complimentary things about them to other adults.

One of the best things you could ever do is to let your children know what you feel about them in front of other adults. I have known most parents to fail at this aspect, as they usually whine and bitch about how their kids are not enough.

That’s the worst thing you could do for your child. Worse if they overhear you, it will shatter their self-image. They will lose confidence in themselves, and you’d be crippling them.

I have known parents to feel less when another parent would talk about the accomplishments of their child to another.

Your children are not trophies or accolades, people. They are human beings, with feelings and life.

Snap out of this meaningless debacle of using them as your tools for gaining prestige.

When you let your children overhear you saying good things to another adult. It allows you to instil faith in them. It helps your child grow that you trust them, with who they are.

Even if your child isn’t a Maths wiz — treat them with kindness. They are unique with an identity and personality when raised can one day accomplish wonders.

Do not break that dream, that could have been a reality.

Imagine what your child would feel if you said something nice in front of others. They might even work hard to meet those expectations. That one moment can change their lives, so be aware of such and such.

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

Try to do as much good as you can in the lives of your children. Let them know how much they mean to you. Show genuine compassion and love to them. Let them know how much you mean to them.

In short, avoid criticising your children in front of other adults. They are not your excuse for being a bad parent. Instead, show them how you can be a good parent by contributing to their well being. Your children are a treasure, but treat them as human beings and shower them with unconditional, unconscious love.

Work hard to create in your children a good self-image. It’s the most important thing you can do to ensure their success.

When life knocks you down, and you aren’t there to pick your children up. What is the best thing that will support them in that time? Well, that’s obvious their self-image and perspective.

Something that would allow them to unwind bad days by being their best self. Even if the odds aren’t in their favour, it would help them to persist until their time comes.

This perspective is essential when it comes to parenting. We as parents need to show our children, that whatever happens, they can trust the process. But moreover trust themselves, that they have what it takes to get through it.

A child looks up to their parent for motivation and support. If we can bestow a thoughtful image that whatever happens, we will be there beside. It is the perspective of belonging that matters. One that sends them to great places.

Photo by Carlos Ibáñez on Unsplash

Your children should smile when they would see themselves in the mirror. Imbue them with the spirit that they can be themselves even if the world shuns them. Teach them that no matter what happens, never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.

This should be your topmost priority to never dismantle a child’s self-image. Do not cripple them with shady ideals, and expectations. Instead, show them a better way of seeing life and thus you will build in them a perspective that will help them do great things in time.

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, integrity, and a loving spirit — they think of you.

What is the legacy that you aim to leave behind for your children? It is a question I ask myself and something that I have seen my parents effortlessly show over the years. What kind of world will you leave for your children?

We as children look forward to our parents, for guidance, warmth and affection. We love them, much more than we love ourselves. Their presence in our life is something we desire the most when growing up. We are securely attached to them when they take care of us. Their words of wisdom are what we look forward to for hope in our hardships.

A parent’s legacy can be anything, ranging from words of wisdom, stature, status and vice-versa. But the most important one is the character that is an example for their generations to come. It is the fable of a grandparent that mesmerizes us to be better.

It is the inspiration that we crave, and look forward to in becoming better humans.

A character of hope is something when you bless your children with. It will help them to become finer examples of beings that just make the world a better place to live in. You can do that for them.

You should choose to live in a manner that allows your children to become kind, and just human beings. Your life should be the example your children should drive inspiration from.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

As it is the best gift a parent could ever give to their beloved children i.e. the spiritual embodiment of all that is hopeful, and morally kind. Be the example they need you to be, and show them a better way to live life. Be their light that shines bright, when they need you the most.

You become their hero that they want you to be. It is an act of gratitude that is a service to humanity, and to your legacy as a whole. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be the best version of yourself — for them.

Final Words

In the end, I would say that our children deserve our best. If we make it work for them, we would be leaving much love in this world than what we came to receive.

Every parent should always take a detour, with their children — perhaps go boating or fishing — making memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much, for reading through my words & experiences. I hope these perspectives allow you to become a great parent and an awesome human being.

Thank you to my Mama, Papa, & my Bubbas for loving me as a child.❤️

Be Well & Stay Safe!

I write about life, and the hope it bears in a poetic context. 💖🕊️

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